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Our Brands


Our natural aromatic and botanical ingredients are marketed under the floviva brand, created to give a distinct identity to the company and its products in the market, with customers and in formulations. This flows through to our company tagline; Botanically Inspired Solutions. Naturally.


Fragrance creation is a complex process, detailed research of regional, global, and cultural trends to ensure that the right fragrance meets the customer’s brief. Our fragrance portfolio has been created with comprehensive market knowledge and experience, insight and trend research, creativity and imagination. Marketed under the florentis brand; Fragrance Creation Is Our Art.


For centuries, aromatic plants and their essential oils have been used globally in traditional medicines. There is now evidence in scientific studies that components of essential oils have properties and functionality beyond the anecdotal evidence and we have researched the data to create our floactiv range, a series of actives targeted at common personal care conditions. Plant Science. Naturally.