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Hydrolats & Botanical Distillates

The floviva range of hydrolats and botanical distillates offer hydrophilic active components for both skin and hair care formulations, and a fresh, characteristic flavour profile for food applications.

Produced either as a co-product of the steam distillation process of essential oil production, or as a low temperature direct distillation process, the benefits and subtle aromatic components of the plant material are captured in a water soluble format. Available as certified organic or conventional, unpreserved as standard with preservative systems available to suit the customers application.


HydrolatsBotanical namePart of plant usedCountry of origin
Floviva Chamomile Roman Hydrolat Chamaemelum nobile L.FlowerUK / France
Floviva Clary Sage HydrolatSalvia sclarea L.Aerial partFrance
Floviva Cornflower HydrolatCentaurea cyanusFlowerFrance
Floviva Cypress HydrolatCupressus sempervirens L.Needle & twigFrance / Morocco / Spain
Floviva Elderflower HydrolatSambucus nigraFlowerUK / France
Floviva Frankincense HydrolatBoswellia carterii GumFrance / UK
Floviva Geranium Rose HydrolatPelargonium graveolensAerial partFrance / DRC / Madagascar
Floviva Helichrsyum HydrolatHelichrysum italicumAerial partBosnia Herzegovina / France / Italy
Floviva Juniper HydrolatJuniperus communis L.NeedleFrance
Floviva Lavender Hydrolat Lavandula angustifoliaFlowerBulgaria / France / UK
Floviva Lemon Balm HydrolatMelissa officinalis L.Aerial partBulgaria / France
Floviva Orange Blossom Hydrolat Citrus aurantium L.FlowerEgypt / France / Morocco / Turkey
Floviva Peppermint HydrolatMentha piperita L.Aerial partUK / France / Hungary
Floviva Rose Hydrolat Rosa damascenaFlowerBulgaria / France
Floviva Rosemary HydrolatRosmarinus officinalisAerial partFrance / Spain / Morocco
Floviva Sage HydrolatSalvia officinalis L.LeafCroatia / France / Spain
Floviva Thyme HydrolatThymus vulgaris L.Aerial partFrance / Spain
Floviva Witch Hazel HydrolatHamamelis virginianaLeafFrance / USA