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The floviva range of waxes, both natural and synthetic offer a variety of benefits to modern day formulations. With raw material of plant origin or from honey bees, our globally produced materials are sourced with sustainability at the forefront of our responsibility. For that reason, our synthetic options are an alternative to ensure international trade in plants does not threaten their survival (CITES agreement).

Composed of fatty acid esters, hydrocarbons and with high melting points, our certified organic and conventional range are used in many industries. Providing stability, improving viscosity and consistency and offering protective and film forming properties, our waxes are important raw materials in personal care formulations but are also important in candle making as well as food, pharmaceutical, household and industrial industries.


WaxesBotanical NamePart of plant usedCountry of origin
Floviva Beeswax Cera albaEurope / Australia / Africa
Floviva Chamomile Wild WaxCladanthus mixtus L.FlowerMorocco
Floviva Geranium WaxPelargonium graveolensAerial partFrance
Floviva Jasmin WaxJasminum grandiflorum L.FlowerMorocco
Floviva Lavender WaxLavandula angustifoliaFlowerFrance
Floviva Mimosa WaxAcacia decurrens FlowerMorocco
Floviva Orange Flower WaxCitrus aurantium var. amaraFlowerFrance / Morocco
Floviva Rose WaxRosa damascenaFlowerFrance / Morocco
Floviva Violet Leaf WaxViola odorataLeafEgypt