The floviva range of absolutes offer a 100% Pure & Natural material obtained by alcohol extraction of concretes, globally sourced from our farmers, co-operatives and partnerships at origin.  Absolutes are highly regarded in natural perfumery, comprised of the concentrated aromatic oil that represents very closely in aroma the raw material from which it has been produced.  Alcohol soluble and usually of a mobile liquid form, absolutes offer a deeper colouring than essential oils and contain waxes and other plant constituents that bring the true aroma of the plant source to life.

AbsolutesBotanical NamePart of plant usedCountry of origin
Floviva Beeswax AbsoluteApis mellifera WaxMadagascar
Floviva Blackcurrant Bud AbsoluteRibes nigrum Bud France
Floviva Carnation AbsoluteDianthus caryophyllusPetalsEgypt
Floviva Cocoa AbsoluteTheobroma cacaoBean / PowderDominican Republic
Floviva Coffee AbsoluteCoffea arabicaBeanBrazil
Floviva Hay Absolute Lolium perenneGrassFrance
Floviva Jasmin AbsoluteJasminum grandiflorum L.FlowerEgypt / Morocco / India
Floviva Linden Blossom AbsoluteTilia americanaBlossomFrance
Floviva Narcissus AbsoluteNarcissus poeticusPetalsEgypt
Floviva Oakmoss Absolute Evernia prunastriMossFrance
Floviva Orange Flower AbsoluteCitrus aurantium var. amaraBud France
Floviva Rose AbsoluteRosa damascenaFlowerEgypt / Bulgaria / Morocco / Turkey
Floviva Rosemary AbsoluteRosmarinus officinalisStem and leafFrance
Floviva Seaweed Absolute Fucus vesiculosusWeedFrance
Floviva Tobacco Absolute Nicotiana Tabacum LeafTurkey
Floviva Tonka Bean Absolute Dipteryx odorataBean Venezuela / France
Floviva Tuberose AbsolutePolyanthes tuberosaPetalsIndia
Floviva Vanilla Absolute Vanilla fragransPod Madagascar
Floviva Violet Leaf AbsoluteViola odorataLeafEgypt