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Sustainable Sourcing

Environmental and trading responsibilities are central to the values of ProTec Botanica Ltd. All products sourced and produced are done so sustainably and ethically, ensuring environmental protection and social equity. 

There are several elements that make up our Sustainability Pledge:

Respect for the environment
It is vital that we respect the environment when growing and harvesting crop for product development. The farmers we work with use farming techniques that not only provide the best chance of crop success but also benefit the environment through sustainable growing programmes and careful consideration of the local flora and fauna.

Socially responsible sourcing

We are committed to supporting farmers through collaboration and the building of partnerships that bring benefits to their local communities to ultimately create social businesses. This ensures sustainability is not only in terms of the landscape and crop, but also in terms of the commercial benefits to the local community.   

Commitment to quality and purity

Quality is our number one priority and through our extensive experience we are able to input and advise on quality considerations, ensuring the processes are fully managed from end to end. The result is products of the highest quality and purity.