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Dambale Pre-School: rising from the dust



We are excited to update you all about Dambale Pre-School located in Dambale Village, South Africa. Last year we donated $1,000 USD to the Baobab Foundation to help with the construction of Dambale Pre-School.

Dambale Village: where small children have nowhere to go

Dambale village is a picturesque village located in rural Venda with around 4500 residents. With 95% of these residents being unemployed, many rely solely on agriculture, remittance and government assistance to survive. Approximately 50 – 70 young children aged between 1 – 6 do not have a pre-school to go to, and the lucky few who do, are only equipped with a small two-room building with no toilet, kitchen or basic learning equipment.

The objective

The overall objective is to create a three classroom building that will be fully equipped with tables, chairs, blankets etc. and a baby room where young children will sleep. There will be a covered open-plan area for children to play and eat their lunch to accompany the building. Furthermore, there will be child-safe toilets and a fully equipped kitchen.

Dambale Pre-School: rising from the dust

Since early February, various building supplies such as cement, bricks, windows frames, doors and roofing material has been delivered, and construction is well underway. The building’s foundation and walls have been continuously developing, and now it is time to put on the roof that will be commencing within the next coming week.

By the end of April, the plastering and painting of the building will be complete, then that is where the school will start to become equipped with school tables, chairs, cooking and eating utensils, and everything possibly needed to make the school a happy, safe and enjoyable place for all pupils. The pre-school is expected to be complete by the end of the school holidays in June.

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