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Update: Dambale Pre-School



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Find out below how we’ve been supporting the local Baobab community through funding a new school project. 

Dambale Village: 

Dambale village is a picturesque village located in rural Venda with around 4500 residents. With 95% of these residents being unemployed, many rely solely on agriculture, remittance and government assistance to survive. Approximately 50 – 70 young children aged between 1 – 6 do not have a pre-school to go to, and the lucky few who do, are only equipped with a small two-room building with no toilet, kitchen or basic learning equipment.

Now, the new pre-school consists of three classrooms, a store-room, kitchen complex, children’s toilets and adult toilets. All that’s left is for the school to be fitted with the necessary equipment and the first children to start attending. 

We look forward to updating you all soon about the completion of Dambale Pre-School. 

This further cements our commitment to support our farmers and their communities around the world, wherever we can.