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ProTec Botanica – Week 3: Aromatherapy



Welcome to the third part of our fortnightly emails, a campaign that will run over the next few weeks and where we will be highlighting the industry sectors in which we work. Today we will focus on the Aromatherapy industry, for which we have an exciting product portfolio that could help you develop your next product. 

Aromatherapy is commonly identified as the use of essential oils and other aromatic plant compounds to promote health to one’s physical or psychological wellbeing. 

The history of essential oils dates back to ancient civilisation, used primarily for cosmetic, pharmaceutical and fragrance purposes. However, nowadays, the essential oils market has seen a dramatic increase in the interest in Aromatherapy due to the numerous health benefits associated with them.

There are many ways consumers can enrich themselves with the benefits of pure and natural essential oils. Obtained either through distillation or mechanical methods such as cold pressing, once these aromatic compounds are extracted, they are used through inhalation, vapourisation via a diffuser or as a topical application via massage when homogenised with a carrier oil.  

Below are our recommended essential oils to use for Aromatherapy:

Relaxation, sleep-aid and unsettled minds:

  • Chamomile Roman Oil – Anthemis Nobilis
  • Lavender Oil – Lavandula angustifolia
  • Frankincense Oil – Boswellia carterii

Chamomile Roman Oil, Lavender Oil, and Frankincense Oil are frequently used in the Aromatherapy industry. They are perfect for individuals who might struggle to get to sleep, stay asleep, or feel worried, anxious or stressed. These essential oils have the ability to make individuals feel restful, tranquil and can help relax the mind and body. 

Uplift the mood, energise and motivate:

  • Rosemary Oil Moroccan – Rosmarinus officinalis
  • Sandalwood Oil – Santalum album
  • Geranium Oil – Pelargonium graveolens (L.)
  • Citrus Oils

Rosemary Oil, Sandalwood Oil, Geranium Oil and Citrus Oils as a group are the most popular essential oils in Aromatherapy due to their various suggested therapeutic and healing properties. These oils’ distinct, sweet, and characteristic aroma can help individuals improve and uplift their mood whilst increasing alertness and reducing anxiety.

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