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Lavender: 2022 certified organic and conventional harvest now ready to ship!



We are excited to let you know that our range of French and Bulgarian certified organic and conventional Lavender Oils and Lavender Hydrolats are now ready to ship from our UK stock.

Cultivated and produced in Provence, France and central and southern Bulgaria, Lavender is an aromatic evergreen shrub that can grow to around 2 metres tall, with a multitude of stems rising above hairy green leaves. Its fragrant, intense, blue-purple flowers bloom in summer, the flowering tops harvested just when the summer heat stimulates the rise of the essence into the flower’s secretory glands. Whether your requirement is for a French Alpes de Haute-Provence material originating on sunny mountain slopes between 600 and 1700 meters or a Bulgarian material where plant material orientation is south, southeast or southwest and protected from strong winds where the ground slope does not exceed 10-15 degrees, we have the options.

Properties, benefits & uses
Lavender essential oil is widely used and recommended for its multiple benefits since ancient times. It has powerful healing and anti-infectious properties for the skin and dramatically regenerates it. The fresh, distinct aroma can relax muscles and promote concentration. Lavender Oil is anti-depressive and has calming qualities by regulating the nervous system, making it popular with aromatherapy to help aid sleep. Its benefits can also aid the respiratory tract, the digestive system and soothe itching.

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