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Product Highlight: Chamomile Oil Blue



A hardy, perennial plant with a multitude of stems and branches, delicate daisy-like flowers and plentiful bipinnate leaves, the plant is a member of the Asteraceae family and native to southern and eastern Europe, but now can be found on all continents. The plant can reach up to 0.5 metres tall and 0.5 metres wide, thriving in a shaded environment with moist but well-drained soil.

Its fragrant, sweet, woody-like aroma comes from the flower, which blooms in summer in readiness for the harvest season to commence.

Properties, benefits & uses

floviva Chamomile Oil Blue is a highly sought-after essential oil due to its versatile uses within the personal care, fragrances and flavouring industries and its ability to blend perfectly with other oils.

The presence of Chamazulene in floviva Chamomile Oil Blue gives the oil its characteristic, beautiful, intense, deep ink-blue colour. It is highly demanded within cosmetics, personal care and pharmaceutical applications due to Chamazulene’s natural anti-inflammatory effects. Within fine fragrances, the oil introduces a rich, warm, sweet undertone and is popular as a fruity-herbaceous addition to skin creams and massage blends.

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