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It’s Our Birthday!




Happy Birthday to us! Today celebrates 10 years of ProTec Botanica, 10 years of dedication to developing our exciting portfolio of natural products. Working with our wonderful farmers, co-operatives and partnerships has allowed us to supply you, our fantastic customers, with our certified organic, conventional, and sustainably sourced natural aromatic and botanical ingredients.

Managing Director Dean Lockton: “We have achieved this milestone thanks to the energy, passion, and commitment of all our colleagues, the invaluable support from our global supply partners and, of course, the trusting relationships we have created with you, our worldwide customers. Wherever in the world you are, we are especially grateful to you for making our success a reality and we look forward to enjoying our collective and continued success for many years to come.”

Since 2014, we have added 560 products into our portfolio, worked with 57 countries and created 3 brands.

Botanically Inspired Solutions.  Naturally.