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We have a purpose built laboratory facility located at Medicity in building D6 within the Boots complex in Nottingham.


The purpose built space allows us to further support our customers and suppliers with the added benefit of being able to host customers on site and provide any necessary training.


Below are some formulations featuring ProTec Botanica’s ingredients. For more information on any of them, please get in touch.



Body Butters Formulations

Cupuaçu Body ButterFS120CThe Cupuaçu tree is a small to medium sized rainforest tree that grows up to 20m. Each of its melon like fruits contains between 30 and 50 seeds from which the butter is obtained. The primary fatty acid is oleic acid (C18:1, omega-9) it also contains phytosterols and natural vitamins E, A and C.
Chiuri Body ButterFS120C4M0Chiuri butter comes from the seeds chiura tree. There are thought to be some 10.8 million of this Nepal native. It is a deciduous tree well suited to steep slopes, ravines and cliffs. A sustainable and beneficial addition to body butter formulations. It offers emollient, hydration and soothing properties due to its fatty acid composition.
Murumuru Body ButterFSC0120MUMUThe Murumuru plant is found widely in the Amazon. The seeds are harvested from the fruit by the local community. The seeds contain approximately 40% fat. It is rich in tocopherols as well as being high in Lauric (C12:0) and Myristic acids (C14:0). Lauric acid has a high melting point, providing a firmer consistency perfect for body butter applications.
Murumuru Gentle Emulsion ScrubFS0120MU5Floviva Murumuru Scrub is a natural and sustainable alternative to the use of exfoliating synthetic polymers. The product has natural colouration without the addition of synthetic additives and offers a gentle but effective exfoliation.
Ucuuba Body ButterFS0120UCUUUcuuba Butter is produced from the seed of the Ucuubeira tree. The Fruits are collected and refined by the local community. The butter is a source of Myristic acid (C14:0) and Lauric acid (C12:0), making it extremely useful for cosmetic applications. It has good absorption and moisturising properties.

COSMOS Formulations

COSMOS Day CreamMADU0140A Day Cream made with natural ingredients. Specially formulated to minimise soaping on the skin. The product features ProTec Botanica’s Sweet Almond Oil.
COSMOS SouffléPAL02CICL0030 Ultra Hydrating Whipped Soufflé leaves the skin instantly hydrated and nourished.
Natural Cream with Grapeseed OilAPACH332A natural cream to demonstrate some of our favourite natural ingredients. This features ProTec Botanica’s Grapeseed Oil.
COSMOS Body ButterRKNN153A rich and indulgent Body Butter formulation made from natural ingredients. This features ProTec Botanica’s sweet almond oil and shea butter.
Natural Protection CreamPAL06JALA002A Protective Cream made with natural ingredients. Specially formulated to minimise soaping on the skin. Featuring ProTec Botanica’s Sweet Almond Oil.
Natural Radiance CreamFASC05A premium cream featuring ProTec Botanica's Baobab oil, leaves the skin feeling luxurious.

Colour Cosmetic Formulations

Mascara with BeeswaxUT4H002This formula produces a long-lasting, water-resistant, smudge-resistant mascara that thickens and lengthens lashes.
Natural FoundationPALN4UGTA largely natural foundation featuring ProTec Botanica’s Organic Glycerin.
Nitro Pink Lip GlossM0NT4N4001A Lip Gloss for shine and colour while protecting the lips from sun and wind. Featuring ProTec Botanica’s Vitamin E which acts as an antioxidant.
Think Pink LipstickN3BR4SK4001A bold pink lipstick featuring ProTec Botanica’s Castor Seed Oil & White Beeswax.