This formula produces a long-lasting, water-resistant, smudge-resistant mascara that thickens and lengthens lashes. Featuring ProTec Botanica’s White Beeswax.

Formula #UT4H002

No.Trade NameINCI Name Function%W/WSupplier
2Floraesters K-20W® JojobaHydrolyzed Jo jojoba Esters, Water (Aqua)Film Forming12.5Floratech via ProTec Ingredia
3Propylene Glycol BPPropylene Glycol BPHumectant3Just for Today Ltd
4WorléeBase AQ 77499/1Aqua, CI 77499, Methylpropandiol, Ammonium Acrylates Copolymer, Simethicone, Caprylyl Glycol, Phenylpropanol, Sodium Acrylates CopolymerWater Soluble Colour Pigment40Worlée De Via ProTec Ingredia
5Euxyl® PE 9010Phenoxyethanol, EthylhexylglycerinPreservative1Schülke UK
6Cerzo 306Ozokerite WaxStructuring Wax2Azelis
7Vegetable alternative to lanolinButyrospermum parkii (shea butter), glyceryl rosinate, olea europaea (olive) oil unsaponifiablesEmollient3EFP Biotek Via ProTec Ingredia
8Seatons Carnauba waxCarnauba WaxNatural Wax1Croda
9Seatons Candelilla waxCandeilla WaxNatural Wax5Croda
10Lanette® 16Cetyl AlcoholCo-Emulsifier3BASF Corporation
11Surfac Stearic AcidStearic AcidEmulsifier5Surfachem
12Floviva White BeeswaxCera AlbaStructuring Wax5Protec Botanica

Method of Manufacture

Into the main vessel add:
Aqua: Start the mixer on a medium/fast speed
Floraesters K-20W Jojoba: Mix until dispersed
Propylene Glycol BP: Mix until dispersed
WorleeBase AQ 77499/1: Mix until dispersed
Euxyl® PE 9010: Mix until dispersed.
Commence heating the premix vessel to 80-85C

Into premix vessel add:
Cerzo 306
Vegetable alternative to lanolin
Seatons Carnauba wax
Seatons Candelilla wax
Lanette® 16
Surfac Stearic Acid
White Beeswax BP

Commence heating the premix vessel to 80-85C

When both vessels are at 80-85C add the premix vessel into the main vessel. Homogenise for 5 minutes
Commence Cooling to 40C
Cool a small sample to 23C and check the product specifications.
Pack into appropriate packaging at 40C

Product Specifications
pH: 6.80 – 7.20
Viscosity: 200-300,000cps RVT, TBARC, Speed 2.5, 1 minute
Colour: Black
Appearance: Very viscous black emulsionp