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Amazonica Collection

We are excited to announce the launch of our new range of products – The floviva Amazônica Collection. Working with our Brazilian partner and their organised fruit collection communities, materials are exclusively sourced throughout 3 Amazon states of the Brazilian Rainforest and benefits 1,347 families comprising 5,484 individuals.

The new range is made up of five oils and three butters, all of which are COSMOS Approved, as well as a specially developed Murumuru Scrub.

Product NameBotanical NamePart Of Plant UsedCountry Of Origin
floviva Açai Fruit OilEuterpe oleraceaFruit pulpBrazil
floviva Andiroba Seed OilCarapa guianensisSeedBrazil
floviva Babassu Kernel OilOrbignya oleiferaKernelBrazil
floviva Buriti Fruit OilMauritia flexuosaFruit pulpBrazil
floviva Cupuaçu ButterTheobroma grandiflorumSeedBrazil
floviva Murumuru ButterAstrocaryum murumuru SeedBrazil
floviva Murumuru ScrubN/ASeedBrazil
floviva Pracaxi Seed OilPentaclethra macrolobaSeedBrazil
floviva Ucuuba ButterVirola sebiferaNutBrazil