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Our operations around the world support not only our commercial sales but also our extensive sourcing capabilities.  The need for the shortest possible supply chain from grower to end user is key in ensuring control is maintained at all stages.  Control of origin, harvest and production is achieved through working directly with source, with the growers, the farmers, the co-operatives, the local communities.  Our global network constantly searches for local partnerships in the growing areas, applying their experience and knowledge to locate and secure available, regular, and reliable supplies of raw materials for our markets, helping build our exciting portfolio of products with provenance and a high level of traceability.


The entire supply chain is a relationship ensuring equality and impartiality in all opportunities, with values, integrity, responsibility, accountability, diversity, commitment, and quality being of equal importance and factors for its success.  Care of all people and their environment must be managed and protected for the future generations.  Sourcing sustainably and ethically is our priority; trading responsibly on both a human and environmental level strengthens environmental protection and social equity.  Respect for the natural world is paramount, we source from farms using techniques that offer the best chances of crop success and sustainability, balanced with careful consideration of the local flora and fauna.  We are committed to social responsibility, supporting farmers through collaboration and partnerships that not only ensure sustainability of the landscape and crop, but also offer commercial benefits to the local community.


ProTec Botanica’s position is assured as a trusted source.