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Organic MCT Oil



Medium-chain triglycerides (MCT) is a fat often found in foods such as coconut oil. MCT’s are widely popular in the health and wellbeing sector, especially when it comes to weight loss applications. 

We want to introduce you to the possible uses of Organic MCT’s in personal care applications.

According to the Soil Association, “83% of people felt it was better for their health if a beauty or wellbeing product was organic”. That’s where we come in, our Organic MCT Oil is suitable for a wide range of personal care applications.

We know that MCT oils have several sought after properties such as very low viscosity, good resistance to oxidation and good solubility in alcohol. 

When it comes to personal care applications it acts as a viscosity regulator and can easily penetrate the skin, whilst also caring for the skin. 

Taking the above properties into account, MCT Oil can help in your emulsion formulations to ease spreadability and to reduce greasiness on the skin. In sun protection products the MCT Oil can help to carry the active ingredients and again ease with spreadability on the skin. 

Lastly, MCT oil can be used in a range of colour cosmetics, including lipsticks and lipgloss as it helps to disperse pigments. 

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