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Focus On: Frankincense



Often referred to as the ‘King of Oils’ or ‘Liquid Gold’, Frankincense often brings memories of Christmas and Autumnal celebrations as well as many biblical callbacks.

Aside from this, Frankincense has many uses, such as within Aromatherapy, helping to ease Anxiety, Colds, Coughs & Indigestion.

When it comes to personal care applications, it has anti-inflammatory properties which calm the complexion. On irritated or sun-damaged skin, Frankincense can help restore the epidermis, soothing and nourishing the skin. On top of this, Frankincense also has anti-ageing properties.

Used in fine fragrance, the oil is an important ingredient and offers character associated with Oriental bases and “masculine” fragrances, it also offers profile support for florals, citrus and spice when blended with respective oils.

We are able to offer traditional Boswellia carterii, UK distilled from Somaliland resin as-well-as Boswellia neglecta which is Kenyan sourced and distilled at origin.

Both operations follow a co-operative business model, individual farmers and collection groups across both origins totalling 2100 registered collectors that are trained in sustainable harvesting techniques in semi-desert, community conservation areas.